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=====+NEWS AND NOTES+=====

You know, ever since I moved into my apartment some 15 months ago now, I've just been horribly slacking on doing anything with this site. Maybe it's the stress of always having to eke out a living from month to month. Maybe it's having to work like, what seems to be all the time in a part-time job. Whatever it is, this little hideaway of mine on the internet has been suffering from some massive, serious neglect.

I have been doing a little bit of arting, but every time I get into it it feels like I'm trying to climb a mountain and I just go "fuck it". Shit my inbox has been suffering from months of neglect. I just cleaned out stuff that's been there since October for god's sake.

Truth be told, right now I'm not really doing all that well financially. It's stressing me the fuck out to the point where that's all I can possibly think about anymore, and most of the time I just sit home and can't get out of the rut. I've been trying to call more people to be social and stuff, with mixed degrees of success. Needless to say being out on my own has been absolutely nothing like I expected it to be, and all for the worse. I mean granted, I didn't have my head in the clouds and pretend everything was going to be ideal, but I had no idea shit was going to be this bad.

I got my tax return and I'm using it for a much-needed trip to Anime Boston. I could've saved it for some rent I guess, but I really need to do something to make myself happy for a bit, even if it does cost me a fuckton of money. I'd like to forget that I'm horribly fucked in terms of my financial situation, and it doesn't seem to be getting better in the future too. I've had interviews, been passed over for at-work opportunities, been ignored most of the time. It's sucked. Thankfully I'm getting a little bit of help from a pal of mine doing some work for him, which'll stay hush until I get the OK to say what.

I don't usually go off on life shit in these things. I hate to do it. I know no one really reads these things (and no one would unless I were, y'know, actually doing art and trying to make a niche out of that), but right now it's just a good vent I guess.  It's why I've had 650+ deviations to look at, nearly 200 journals, and no money to throw at people doing commissions as much as I want to. Like, seriously. I really, really fucking want to support all you guys, even the ones I don't know, but I can't even support myself right now.

So yeah. Guess this is the thing that I'm wiping the Robot Rumpus request thing off the front page with. Depressing, but I just needed an outlet right now I guess. Not looking for ass-pats, just looking for an outlet, found it, and basically dumping whatever I'm feeling here at the moment.

To everybody, I'm so sorry to have neglected everything of yours. I'm interested, I just haven't commented or look like I've paid attention. I'm trying. :/

===+Rick's Coffeehouse Publications+===

"Second Chance" = $2
"Acronyms" = $2

$1.00 for the first book,
$0.75 for each additional book.

Prices are for North American shipping only.


Rick L.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Kawa Crossing happens here, with occasional bouts of What The Hellsing. And poetry, but I'm sure you didn't come here for that. Read it anyway though, it will enrich your soul.

I am Error. No, really.

Good ridiculousness is welcomed here. Bad ridiculousness is not.

Current Residence: Where the American Loggers roam.
Personal Quote: "I have many uses. They all are practical." - Me

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